Let Dr. Gindi Take Care Of All Of Your Travel Medicine & Immunizations
Dr. Medhat Gindi, MD. CPH.FRCPC
20 Years of Excellence In Travel Medicine

Welcome to Ontario Travel & Immunization Clinics, Inc.

You will be seen by Dr. Gindi, a public health specialist with 20 YEARS of excellence in the field of travel medicine and immunizations.

Dr. Gindi started working in the field of Travel and Immunization in 1994 after finishing his residency in Public Health (Community Medicine in the University of Toronto) (1990-1994) Since that time we have seen more than 40,000 Patients in our Travel and Immunization Clinics.

Dr. Gindi frequently lectures in Travel Medicine and Immunizations and his opinion is widely sought by Family Physicians in GTA.

75% of our Patients are referred to us through their Family Physicians due to the great confidence and comfort they have with Dr Gindi's services.
How Does It Work In The Ontario Travel & Immunization Clinic?

Travel Services
  1. Call in and book an appointment;
  2. You will be seen by a Specialist Doctor who will;
    • Examine your health history, travel plans and the immunization you had before;
  3. Accordingly the Doctor will give you;
    • Detailed advice regarding food, water, insects, mosquitoes and precautions on the trip;
    • Malaria pills prescription if needed;
    • Antibiotics for treatment of travelers’ diarrhea if needed;
    • High altitude tablets if needed;
    • Jet-lag pills if needed; and
    • Other infections and treatment with instructions;
  4. The Doctor may recommend additional vaccines for your trip if needed.
Pre-Travel Services are not OHIP Service, but most of the extended drug insurance and private health plans cover these services. So you will pay for it yourself and we will provide you with official receipts for your submissions. We accept Debit Cards, Mastercard, Visa and/or cash for payments.

When To Visit Us For Travel
  • For Brief Visits: give yourself 4-6 weeks before travel;
  • For Extended Stays: ASAP;
  • For infants planning travel: ASAP as we may modify the routine immunization sequence;
  • Even if you are close to your date of departure DON’T DESPAIR;
  • Even if you come on your way to the airport, this would be far better than not visiting us at all; As some vaccines work right away, some medications are stand by and even some malaria pills can be taken only one day before arrival.
Special Immunization Services
Shingles, Rabies, Chickenpox, Pneumonia and some other Vaccines
  • Call in and book an appointment;
  • You will be seen by a Specialist Doctor for consultation;
  • Accordingly the Doctor will recommend the vaccine and administer it for you if needed. Special Immunization Services “Visit, Consultation and Vaccine administration” are covered by OHIP, whilst Vaccines’ costs are not covered by OHIP; but most of the extended drug insurance and private health plans cover Vaccines’ costs.
  • We bill drug plans directly for VACCINES and DRUGS EXCEPT YELLOW FEVER
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